Westlake Girls Lacrosse

Westlake HS Girls Lacrosse is a competitive lacrosse program that operates as a virtual varsity team of Westlake High School.  Lacrosse in Texas is not a UIL sport, and thus does not fall directly under the athletic department program. However, we are a recognized member of the Westlake HS school community and is privately funded by the players and the community through donations.  Westlake HS Girls Lacrosse offers girls the chance to earn PE credit and for varsity members, varsity letters. We are a member of US Lacrosse, the national governing body of lacrosse in the United States.  We play as part of the Texas High School Lacrosse League (TGHSLL), the governing body for girl’s lacrosse in Texas which recognizes state champions in multiple divisions.

Westlake HS Girls Lacrosse is a TGHSLL Division 1 program, meaning the top level of lacrosse in the state. All girls in the program must attend Westlake HS by UIL/TGHSLL rules or bylaws. TGHSLL teams are split into the North (Dallas area), Central (Austin area), and South (Houston area) districts, and play for spots in district level playoffs, with chance to advance to state. Within each district, the teams are split into two divisions; with division 1 being for strong, more established programs, and Division 2 being for newer, smaller, and/or less developed teams. A state champ is crowned in each division.