Westlake Girls Lacrosse



WLA recognizes, however, that there may be rare instances when these conflicts cannot be satisfactorily resolved directly by the parties to the dispute or through the informal intervention of another program member.  For those situations (and it is anticipated that they will very rarely occur), the WLA has instituted a formal Grievance Procedure. 

1.  A grievance may be lodged by any member of the Westlake Girls Lacrosse programs for any suspected violation of the WLA Code of Conduct or for any suspected violation of local, state or federal law.

2.  A valid grievance must be in writing, using the WLA’s Grievance Form (attached), and must explain the nature of the grievance, the circumstances surrounding the alleged violation, and the specific provision(s) of the Code of Conduct alleged to have been violated.  The person filing the grievance must also identify all witnesses or other persons with knowledge of the alleged violation.

3.   A valid grievance must be signed by a parent, coach or player and submitted to a WLA Board Member.

4.   No grievance will be accepted from any person who fails to file the written grievance within two weeks of the incident in question.

5.    No grievance will be accepted from any person who himself or herself has not complied with the Code of Conduct.

6.    No grievance will be accepted that seeks to challenge a coaching decision.  For purposes of this provision, a coaching decision includes, but is not limited to, playing time, position assignments, starting assignments and lacrosse strategy.  Playing time is at the discretion of the coach.  The coach will assess the level of play of each member of the team and play them accordingly. For the safety of the player and his/her teammates playing time may be diminished if the coach deems the level of play may cause injury to a player or teammate.   Details of the grievance are not to be discussed with anyone other than the party(ies) directly involved with resolving the grievance.

7. Before a grievance is filed the following steps must be taken:

a. Wait 24 hours “cooling off period”

b. If the issue is still not resolved, speak to appropriate WLA Director (girl’s or boy’s) see contact list on website.

c. If the issue is still not resolved, file a formal grievance using the attached form.

8.   When the grievance is received, the  WLA Board will thoroughly investigate the incident and attempt to resolve the grievance with the parties amicably.


Click below link to download a copy of the form.  Once completed, please submit to Patrick Severson, WGL Board President and WLA Board Member.  Email is pseverson@yahoo.com.